Rabak in Bangkok

Bangkok, Thailand

A splitting headache has awoken Jiawei from his deep alcohol induced slumber. He scanned his eyes across his surrounding, and this was the exact moment he realized that this is not the place he should have slept in.

The room was humid and oddly cooling without any air conditioning. It took him sometime to finally realize that he did not come to Thailand alone, and that he had definitely not rent a toilet as his room for the night.

Despite several desperate knocks on the toilet’s door by his fellow mates, it has failed to drag him back to the realm of sobriety. For he remained sprawled on the cold hard ceramic floor in a complete state of undress while saliva continued to ooze of his wide opened mouth. When he finally escaped the infernal clutches of the toilet, he stumbled into our cozily appointed airbnb bedroom. The first words that came out of his mouth were “what the f@#$ happened last night?”.

That was an amusing question, for a lot of things had happened the night before.That was just how the days spent there were for us - an unceasing barrage of activities that assaulted the bored and retarded mind like a wild rampaging elephant in a Chinatown shop. Downing booze like water, stuffing oneself like a ravenous teddy bear, touring temples in inappropriate clothes were just part of this epic adventure.

Some of my recollection was lost because I was too lazy to actually write about it until today (6 months after the trip), but these were the most memorable things that we did in the trip for me:

Bangkok has one of the best night markets in Southeast Asia, with a huge variety of street stalls available. Their street food and interesting widgets were one of my favorite in our first night there: simply just strolling through Rod Fai Market, exploring it’s every nook and corner.

Bangkok not only has night market, but also an abundance of Cafes populating the corridors of malls. Some of my favorites are: Yenly Yours, After You Cafe.

If you are a big fan of mangoes, you should try out Yenly Yours! Their menu consists of mangoly sweetness and it’s worth melting for. ;) xoxo

Mango sticky rice with ice cream and lots of coconut milk.

After You Cafe serves delicious toasts and coffee.

Before the trip, EL and jiawei had been extremely hyped about finding this burger called Daniel Thaiger after watching a video from Marc Wiens (a famous travel blogger known for his great reactions in his videos). Before hitting the nightlife, we headed downtown to hunt for this legendary burger. Results:Extremely Satisfied!

We kinda forgot to take the photo of the burger itself, but you can have a photo of Jiawei eating it instead.

The burger lived up to the praise from Mark Wiens. One of the best burgers I have ever tasted! Hot, fresh and juicy. They also served what they called “animal fries.”

Bangkok boasts one of most lively and wild nightlife available. We decided to kick the night start by visiting the famed Octave Rooftop Bar, a bar situated on floors 45 – 49 of the Bangkok Marriott Hotel Sukhumvit. It offers a breathtaking sight of the city. Truly, all of life’s problems seemed all puny when you’re high above the ground.

Finally, it’s time to hit our favourite clubs.After contemplating for a long time, we decided on Route66, a club in RCA(Royal City Avenue), mostly due to the fact it is cheaper and known to have more locals. We ordered a Red Label, the cheapest bottle in the club and just started drinking away. Most of the people inside are really friendly and started having friendly conversations with us, you know the typical “Where are you from?”etc.

Into the night, the music got better and Jiawei just kinda went missing, as EL and I stayed on, having polite conversation with our newly made friends, Pui, Drew and Dear. Pui is a 33 year old manager working in the hotel and tourism field while Drew and Dear were still students studying. Pui then quickly became the “elder sister” that took care of us.

A drunk Jiawei decided to stumble back after a long time, as it appears that he has been drinking from other people’s bottle and they don’t seem to mind. Thus, we had our own unfinished whiskey which we decided to leave Route66 for another club called “Mixx“, one highly recommended by our Thai friends who considered it better than Route66. EL suggested that we split cabs while Pui kinda just went “NAHHH” and got us all packed like sardines in the cab, and i settled down with el, drew and dear at the back and Pui sat on Jiawei’s lap.

In Mixx Club, Jiawei, still intoxicated by free booze of others, starting declaring that he will pay for everyone’s entry and drinks. He whipped out a velcro clad wallet reminiscent of one that I actually owned in Primary School. He then proceeded to splash his cash on rounds and rounds of beers and danced like a monkey on a hot pot. The night ended with us frantically trying to haul a reluctant Jiawei who threatened to “smack to hell out of everyone” back to airbnb and a promise to go sightseeing together with our newly minted friends.

A very drunk Jiawei

Upon reaching our Airbnb, Jiawei disappeared into the toilet, not to be seen again until the next day.

Our Thai friend treated us to the local delicacies, Mainly Pad Thai and Tom Yum Soup. Jiawei decided to bring out the chef in him and decided to help make the pad thai. I’ve got to admit, it was delicious!

Due to EL being under-dressed during our temple visit, we were unable to gain entry to the Grand Palace. We then proceeded to take a ferry ride towards Wat Pho/Wat Arun. (I like boats)

Wat Pho, the Temple of the Reclining Buddha was an interesting sight to behold, especially to our feeble minds(Jk). It was a good experience for me to actually toss the coins into the 108 coin pots, but honestly I absolutely have no idea what’s that for hahaha.

Wat Arun has a bedazzling architectural design, with colorful temples all around. It was a mildly fascinating sight that is only interesting on your first visit.

Feeling like a hippie, we moved on to Khao San Road, a street packed with partying people, street food and street stalls selling clothes and souvenirs. After eating a ton of random street food (I forgot what we ate actually.), we advanced to a relaxing massage in one of the street’s parlors. EL giggled non-stop during the session as it appears that he has a ticklish spot, which I found pretty dam hilarious.

Depression and reality kicked in hard on our last night there, I mean, who wouldn’t when you actually have to go to camp the next day after the trip? With a drink in hand, EL and I just sat at the balcony, went into a deep conversation til morning (no gay).

Bangkok with EL and JW proved to be a legendary trip for us. At that point, we all agreed it was our current best trip. I’m thankful for being invited for it and all credits goes to EL for his mad planning. (He planned and booked everything in a week.)

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Where did we stay at?

Reference : https://www.airbnb.com.sg/rooms/6084368

Bangrak , Bangkok, Thailand.

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Secured condominium with extraordinary view! Able to host up to 3 guests, host replies fast too. Highly recommended!